Who are we?

ad hoc gaming GmbH

The ad hoc gaming GmbH was founded in April 2017 as a subsidiary of the ad hoc best services GmbH. The aim of the company is to develop own teams in the popular online game „League of Legends“, to participate in competitions and to be a role model for other organisations. Consulting and services should complete our portfolio.

“Our aim is to bring the german esport to the centre of society and to help it to reach international competitiveness.”


We are supporting our team with heart and soul. Due to our training centre we can consult the team. In combination with the system of dual gaming we are granting the players the opportunity for a career guidance and individual training plans. A later step will be the transformation into a boarding school with sustained educational support to develop them into specialists.

What we are aiming for?

Stage Model

Step 1

Sucessfull participation in tournaments with our own developed esport-Team. These successes are an important part of acceptance and credibility in the esport-Scene.

Step 2

Promotion of junior players and development of player personality. Organisation of events, to make esport more accesible to the general public.

Step 3

Making esport a general sport through intensive support for associations in cooperation with conventional sport clubs. The result should be an acceptance of esport as a sport. Increase the professionalism of players and teams and their marketing strategies.
Our gaming and esport




Ad hoc means “made for this moment”: This is our philosophy. We are a flexible, innovative and agile service company. Our guiding principle is completed by sustainability, transparency, our high quality requirements and flexibility, connected with family friendliness in handling our employees.

By the implementation of these values we were able to build up specialist expertise and reputation over the last few years, this has motivated many our customers from the energy sector to enter a long-term and cooperative business relation with us. Togheter we are working hand in hand in operative and strategic day-to-day business over the complete value chain, through to future issues.

In order to meet our claim of innovation, the ad hoc best services GmbH is constantly open for new ways of technology, marketing and sales. This led to the establishment of another subsidiary, the ad hoc gaming GmbH.