eSport training centre

We would like to be a role model for young people and build up a serious platform, to improve individual training possibilities in the esport field and to celebrate successes. But we also want to help the players find and strengthen professional interests, for the future after their esport career. 

The aim of the training centre is to cooperate with the city Gera and the state Thuringia over a long-time period. Furthermore, we want to extend our partner network in collaboration with local companies, to offer the players a wide-ranging apprenticeship variety.

After a successful running-in phase, the training centre is going to develop into a boarding school. With the concept of dual gaming and the extension into a boarding school, the players are able to complete an apprenticeship with IHK qualification.

Our aim is to educate specialists, who have already arrived in the digitisation due to their passion. In collaboration with medium-sized companies our future specialists should be bind to these local companies, to shape this fast-growing industry.

Some benchmarks

about the esport training centre


Our generous premises are divided into a training room, a tactic room and a well as a studio for streaming events. The premises are rounded off through to an inviting atmosphere due to a kitchen and a chill-out area.

additional connection

Next to the gaming area is an office space located for part-time workers from the ad hoc group. Beside this there is a press area and space for marketing activities, for example a studio for producing and cutting social media content.

Dual Gaming

Through the system of dual gaming, our team is able follow up on a career guidance and to focus on their passion. They are supported by trainers who create a sophisticated training concept for the players. This means that the players on the one hand working in the ad hoc group and on the other hand they are practising as team ad hoc gaming.

teams & players

  • YouTube- & streaming events
  • Cooperation with schools & universities
  • Game jams
  • Leisure-time groups
  • Trial courses
Opportunities for


  • Outfitter of the esport training centre
  • Branding of the esport training centre
  • Use of the location for events
  • Franchise our concept in other cities