History of ad hoc gaming

05. April 2018

Relaunch, Dual Gaming & trainings centre

Henceforth, everything under one roof, efficient, powerful, professional – with the complete rebranding of ad hoc gaming, our esport team is from now on playing under the name ad hoc gaming. Our training centre is going to launch in the ElsterCube located in Gera on June 2018. In combinbation with the system of dual gaming, with integrated career guidance, we are granting the esport players a sustainable future.

17. December 2017

Successfull year in the ESL Meisterschaft

Two championship titles and one runner-up spot in the ESL Meisterschaft – these were the successful season results from our League of Legends esport team Mysterious Monkeys in 2017.

19. May 2017

Entrance into the EU LCS

With the acquisition of the EU LCS spot from Misfits Academy, our esport team had its first performance on the highest European division. We played in the EU LCS Summer Season 2017 against the best European League of Legends teams.


01. April 2017

Foundation of the ad hoc gaming GmbH

With the aim to professionalize the esport team and to settle down in the young german esport market, ad hoc gaming GmbH acquired the complete structure of Mysterious Monkeys e.V. and the associated experience, teams, player and employees.

01. April 2011

Founding of the association

With the founding of the association “Junge Organisation Ilmenau e.V.” the first steps for the Esport project Mysterious Monkeys were taken, following which the association was named after the Esport project. The first major achievement has been the winning of the ESL Meisterschaft in 2015.